Tomorrow is what feels like, and just might be, my fifth day on four hours of sleep. My brain is totally exhausted, but is still churning along with lists of things to do and choices to be made. I am completely giddy and every five minutes I giggle under my breath.

What the heck is going on, you ask, and the answer is I am producing a record for my friend Dave Olson, a sweet and gifted songwriter from Iowa City now living here in Minneapolis. We’ve rented a renovated barn in Buffalo, MN, assembled gear and an amazing crew, and have been living here for the last few days cramming as much music as we can fit into a hard drive before the money and time dries up.

The longer stories will probably be typed here later, when I have the luxury of time and sleeping in. For now, the short story is it’s been pretty incredible. The musicians (so far)—Dave, Ben Ramsey, Chris Bates, Cody McKinney, Ryan Young, Erik Koskinen—are playing really well and are making these pretty songs of Dave’s come alive. Our engineer, Adam Krinsky, is a fucking superstar and if our session was the Tin Man, Adam would be Dorothy with a can of oil.

I’m sorry, but those are the metaphors you get out of me at three in the morning.

Anyway—the only time I’ve had to grab any photos was tonight after everyone had either left or gone to bed, and this is what it looks like when that happens.